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Stomping Grounds Coffee – Osprey Village Series Part 1

By Kristina, September 22nd, 2011


If you have not yet discovered Pitt Meadows new community of Osprey Village, now is the time to make to this hidden gem.

Osprey village is a beautiful community on the banks of the Fraser River, where streets lined with rich coloured, classically styled buildings, and a warm community feeling welcome you with open arms.  Osprey village boast a star line up of business and amenities, providing you with everything you need to have a peaceful and relaxing day.  You can drop the kids and the dogs off at day care, and spend the day getting balanced and beautiful.

For those of us that require a little caffeine to find our inner peace, you can drop in at Stomping Grounds Coffee House, conveniently located within Ospreys cozy embrace.  Stomping Grounds is a family owned and operated, community minded destination for all things delicious. Not only do they serve and sell locally produced goodies from baked sweets to Panini and coffee to smoothies, they also show case locally grown talent at their live music nights.

You can get to Osprey Village with just a short detour off the main highway, or for the more adventurous you can ride the Pitt Meadows Cycling loop to their front door.  However you arrive, whether  you are there for the company, scenery or amenities, don’t forget to take a moment to watch the boats go by.


Golden Ears Cheese Ltd

By Kristina, September 18th, 2011

Golden Ears Cheese Ltd Grand Opening is coming soon! Oct 8, 2011.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the “soft opening” this Summer, and I cannot wait to get back! The best part is; Golden Ears Cheese Ltd is actually open now!

Why not head on down and say hello!

Grand Opening

Saturday-Oct 8, 2011 10:00-5:00


By: Andrew Maillot

Photos By: Andrew Maillot

Join Our Facebook Fan Page!

By Kristina, September 16th, 2011

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Raptors Ridge

By Kristina, September 11th, 2011

Raptors Ridge
In a seemingly quiet and picturesque rural neighbourhood in Maple Ridge, we arrive at Raptors Ridge to a sound that had us thinking we had taken a wrong turn and arrived at the gates of hell. Turns out its just Smoug…what a relief, it’s just a six foot tall fanged falcon! Who needs a German Shepherd?!…no wonder we didn’t see any other people on the way in …Smoug is still picking them out of her fanged teeth!
Turns out Smoug is not six feet tall, but a very handsome Harris Hawk.
In addition to Smoug, Raptors Ridge houses over 20 Birds, including several different types of Hawks, Falcons, and Owls.
Karen’s love of animals and birds drives her passion for education and conservation of these magnificent birds. The affection between Karen and the birds is undeniable, just the sound of her voice wakes a sleeping owl into full animation. With the help of her family, Karen opened Raptors Ridge offering hands on educational experiences, and helping people to understand the importance of these birds of prey to our ecosystem as well as the impact we can have on them.
We were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with Karen, taking time to be introduced to her feathered entourage. The highlight of the day was taking Storm, a very polite and well mannered hawk, for a stroll in the cool air of Karen’s personal rainforest that she calls her back yard. Storm promptly returned the favour, with an aerial performance including removing a miniature drumstick from my gloved hand.
Raptors ridge is an experience not to be missed. You can book an event or visit them at Capilano Suspension Bridge during the summer. Get out and get inspired, Raptors Ridge is a rare opportunity to interact and learn about these amazing creatures.

Written By: Maillot

Photographs and Video: Maillot Productions

Blue Heron Winery

By Kristina, September 01st, 2011

With my love of wine dictating my emotions, I have to admit that the mention of a visit to Blue Heron Fruit Winery, made my little heart pitter patter.
However, I started to wonder is it excitement or anxiety that has me all a flutter…allow me to clarify.
Locally grown and produced …yeah!
Family owned and operated…yeah!
Gourmet Goodies…yeah!
But I have never considered myself a fan of fruit wine…until now
I can tell you with one hand over my heart, the other on a bottle of Blueberry Reserve, I am a convert! Your next big fan and case lot customer!
Sampling a spectrum of wines ranging from dry cranberries to sweet desert wines, I proclaim all are delectable. Tastings are free and tours are available with a reservation.
With Thanks Giving on the way, I highly recommend that you make your way down to Blue Heron Fruit Winery, it is a small piece of culinary delight in the beautiful farmlands of Pitt Meadows.
A golden roasted bird, table adorn in warm fall decor and your favourite glasses filled with a colour reminiscent of rubies and a flavour that will sparkle on your tongue like diamonds.

Written by: Maillot
Photos and Video by: Maillot

Alouette Christmas Tree Farm is also Blueberries

By Kristina, September 01st, 2011


You do not need to wait until Christmas to visit Alouette Christmas Tree Farm. You will feel the Christmas spirit when you take home a box of blueberries from Alouette fresh…all it is missing is a big red bow!
Throughout the summer enjoy the tasty treats offered through the walk up window at their sales outlet. Just pick your poison….whether it is smoothies, ice cream, or home baked goodies, and find a place in the sun to enjoy!
Working our way closer to Christmas, we cannot over look the pumpkin patch. Starting in October, stop by the pumpkin patch or plan a school field trip included is a bit of education and a whole lot of fun!
Now there was something I was supposed to mention about December…kids are home from school?…the first snow of the year?…The in-laws have set up shop in the spare room and are critiquing your every move?…there was something else…..CHRISTMAS!
Alouette Christmas Tree farm is the second best place to visit during the Christmas season, second only to a personal invite to the Clauses Holiday home. It’s as simple as this:
load everyone into the car, including the in-laws, head over to the tree farm, and prepare yourself for some good old fashioned Christmas spirit.
Finally when your bellies are warm with hot chocolate and you have spent more than your fair share of time around the fire pit in Frosty’s Hot Dog Hang out….
….when you have done ten laps on the Choo Choo Express and your children have a pound of barnyard mess stuck to the bottom of their boots…
…..when you have picked out the most perfect Christmas tree that is so beautiful it almost a shame to decorate it…..
…..wait just a little bit longer, and maybe, just maybe you might get a chance to spend a little time with a jolly old man in a bright red suit.

Written By: Maillot
Photos + Video By: Maillot